I guess that was the beginning of my quest to find a board game that was as easy to learn and play as Draughts, but with the potential for some tactical play like Chess. There was nothing out there! And over time (only 40 years) the perfect marriage of the two games evolved and the game of Fertang was born!




In the early 80's we bought a wooden hexiamond puzzle from an old woodcarver at a resort on the south coast of England called Looe (the name of the place, not the woodcarver)(I guess that the 'e' was added to somehow 'gentrify' the place). We bought it initially as much for the look of the mahogany, as the puzzle itself. Visit our online store!



We had been having some challenges with the production of a physical version of Fertang and someone suggested that it could be marketed as an App first and then if there was enough interest we could re-visit and overcome the issues encountered previously.

Fertang is available on the 4 platforms below, however for the time being The Anderson Diamond is only available on Apple and Android.

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The challenging game of FERTANG has been designed for those players that find Checkers too boring and Chess too complicated, yet are still looking for something that incorporates strategies and tactics that are easily learned, but with the scope to develop them over time.

The game is just for two(2) players and the aim is to "capture" as many of your opponents pieces as possible.

The blue color will always make the first move at the start of the game.


A piece takes control of an opposing piece by moving into the square that the opposing piece currently occupies. Having taken over the "captured" piece that move is over and it is the turn of the opponent.


A piece when captured is stacked under the capturing piece regardless of the shape.

The captured piece can be immediately taken back if a player who's turn it is has a piece that can capture the opposing players stack in an adjacent square and its shape allows it to move in the desired direction of the square:


Once a piece has been "captured", the capturing (top) piece takes control of the stack. The stack is then allowed to move on each turn, a number of squares up to, but not more than the total number in the stack. The directional movement of the piece is governed by the shape of the piece on top of the stack


Once a stack reaches a height of 5 pieces or more, it stays on that square and neither stack, nor square, take any further part in the game. Ownership belongs to whoever owns the piece on top of the stack.


The first player to "own" three(3) stacks of 5 or more pieces, is the winner.

If the game becomes a "Stalemate", where neither player is able to make 3 stacks of 5 or more pieces, the number of your opponent's pieces under your "control" are counted and the player with the greatest number of their opponents pieces, is declared the winner.

At no time may you "capture" one of your own individual pieces, or a stack that you control.

No piece can "jump over" another piece or stack on the board.



Four colored/shaped corner squares can be used as SUPER TACTICAL squares. A player is allowed to move their own piece that occupies the tactical square ANY number of squares across the board, as long as it only moves in its shape appointed direction.

Once the tactical square has been vacated, the piece reverts back to its normal move restrictions.


DOWNLOAD: Fertang Game Play Instructions

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