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Welcome to Anderson Games, the website of Fertang USA Corp. Home to the games of Fertang and The Anderson Diamond. Fertang USA Corp. is led by President Stephen Anderson, inventor of the Fertang game and only supplier of a hexiamond puzzle that has been around for over a hundred years which for marketing purposes we have called 'The Anderson Diamond'.


My passion for games all started at South Wigston High School in Leicester, England around 1964, where I decided to join the Chess Club. This seemed like a great opportunity to learn the game and master something that no one else in the Anderson dynasty had yet managed! Of course in the gaming world there are both winners and losers...


I found that I had a higher than average aptitude than anyone else in the chess club, for losing, no matter how long I played, studied the game or watched others play. For some reason, I was never able to 'see' what my opponent was doing, and if I thought about what I was going to do with my Knight or Bishop in two or three brilliant moves time, my opponent had taken the piece before I was able to execute. It was almost as though they knew exactly what moves I was planning to make before I even thought of them myself.

Stubborn as I was, I finally realized that I was never going to be able to understand the finer points of "castling" and "en-passant". The fact that the teacher running the chess club changed the way that partners were picked, from a 'Blind Draw' to a system of pairing off according to win/lose ratios, which of course meant that competition between club members intensified dramatically to try and avoid having to play against me! I do not ever remember winning one game, and of course if there were an odd number of attendees, I was always the one that had to 'sit out'.


I don't recall there being a Draughts Club (Draughts is what the English call Checkers), but if there had been, in that world, I could have been king. Quite the opposite to my Chess experience, I do not ever remember losing a game (it does not mean that I didn't, just that I can't remember!), but of course knowing that I was a perpetual winner, there were few people that I could persuade to play and not only that, after a while you realize that it really is a boring game.


I guess that was the beginning of my quest to find a board game that was as easy to learn and play as Draughts, but with the potential for some tactical play like Chess. There was nothing out there! And over time (only 40 years) the perfect marriage of the two games evolved and the game of Fertang was born!

It was just a nonsense word that was made up, because it sounded like "Twang" which was a sound that I associated with the move out of the corner 'Tactical Power Squares'.


In the early 80's we bought a wooden hexiamond puzzle from an old woodcarver at a resort on the south coast of England called Looe (the name of the place, not the woodcarver)(I guess that the 'e' was added to somehow 'gentrify' the place). We bought it initially as much for the look of the mahogany, as the puzzle itself. The woodcarver went to great pains to drum into us that each time we completed the puzzle, we should take a piece of paper and a pencil and take a tracing of the result, mark on the tracing who completed it and on what date, so that we could keep track of how many different solutions we had found. He told us that a visually impaired customer of his had come up with over a 100 different solutions!

We came up with our own first solution two weeks later, and just as an afterthought, took a tracing as instructed. We have not found that same solution again since that day. A couple of weeks later, our then four-year old daughter came up with the next solution, which took another 10 years to find again. Since then we have found over 140 different solutions of what we now know to be around 250 different possibilities (including mirror images).

In researching the puzzle we came across a gentleman by the name of George Huttlin who in the 1980's had written a Fortran program to try and determine the total number of possible solutions and he came up with a number of 156, not including mirror images, thus giving a total of 312, (perhaps someone out there could challenge this?). All of his and our solution discoveries have been Copyrighted.

The puzzle would sit on the coffee table in the living room and whenever we had guests, they would get drawn to it, like moths to a flame. All would inquire where we got the puzzle, because they wanted one of their own. We tried to contact the old woodcarver to acquire more, but received no response. I tried to make a puzzle myself and found it to be almost impossible to figure out how the old woodcarver had managed the precision required for so many interchangeable solutions. Needless to say I got there in the end, and The Anderson Diamond puzzle was the result.

If you purchase TheAndersonDiamond puzzle App it will keep a record of each new solution that you find and we are hoping to update soon to be able to add a time, date and name to each one. This app has also been designed with a 'Lockdown' feature that will allow you to work up to attempting the 'Freeplay' option, but be warned, once you start this is a very addictive puzzle. See how many years it takes to get your count to 50, my guess for most people is 10.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are a small, but growing business and have drawn much of our business on word of mouth advertising. If you love our games, do as we have done, put them on your coffee table, spread the word and ask others to join our gaming family. If you purchase an App please make sure that you send a good review to the platform that you bought it from.


Stephen Anderson

President of Fertang USA Corp

What People Are Saying...

  • Fertang Fun
    Good game as a variety to chess.

    Peter Gilbert
  • I'm Obsessed!
    Warning: This game is highly addicting, I can't stop and I love it! Totally worth it!

    Google User